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Italian aroma in your cafe

Marizzi coffees are the essence of Italian taste and life style. The blends of Arabica and Robusta coffees are carefully roasted in small batches so that to bring out full taste and delight you with its aroma. We come from Bologna – a city in the hart of Italy, and we hand down the secrets of roasting coffee grains from generation to generation. Thanks to that every cup of Marizzi coffee between your successive gulps brings you to Italy – the country where everyday small pleasures and meetings with friends are valued above all.

What is the secret of a perfect cup of coffee? We believe that it is a passion and care of every also the smallest detail. That is why we cooperate only with the proven suppliers of the raw materials of the highest quality. We produce unique blends using specially selected grains. Marizzi prescriptions are the results of many year’s work of outstanding experts employed in our laboratories.

We permanently attempt to improve the methods of roasting and packaging coffee so as to every time ensure the highest of quality of our product. We owe the exceptional taste and phenomenal aroma of our coffees to the team of our passionate specialists perfectly knowing what the most exacting gourmets need. And everything just to unravel the secret of the ideal that will be appreciated by your guests.

We roast coffee grains very carefully at every stage of this process. We monitor every roasting process stage to obtain the highest possible quality, hence, to offer a product with unique taste and scent properties. Our point of honour is to keep the same taste of our coffees in every batch being delivered.

We compose our blends using the best grains of the coffee trees from the awarded Arabica and Robusta plantations. After careful selection by the experts in the harvest site fresh grains are delivered to our roasting plant. Then we examine their properties so as to bring out the very best from them while roasting in the temperature of 200 up to 2400C, beginning from taste through flavour up to dark-brown colour.

Customers opinion

The shortest answer to this question is: in the same bag in which we bought it. The bag needs to be tightly sealed and preferably kept in another sealed container. It is not worth pouring coffee into glass containers because it loses its fragrance quicker and is exposed to light, which can have a detrimental effect on coffee. Vacuum containers are very popular. They come with a special pump used to suck the air out. It definitely has a positive effect on the quality of stored coffee, but it is not worth pouring coffee into such containers because they are made of plastic and coffee will absorb their smell.

Many coffee lovers keep coffee in the fridge, but we do not recommend this method because coffee quickly absorbs other smells, so when it is stored like that, it may later give off the smell of some aromatic dish. Even when we put coffee in a sealed container to protect it against absorbing smells, it will still be cooled, so when we take it out of the fridge and pour some of it into the grinder, warm air will get in the container and when it comes into contact with cold beans, they will become moist. And apart from light and air, moistness is another factor which has a detrimental effect on the properties of stored coffee.

At Marizzi, we roast coffee beans in small batches, maintaining extraordinary care at every stage of this process. We monitor each of them to achieve the highest possible quality, and thus - to offer a product with unique taste and aroma properties. It is our honor to preserve the same flavors of our coffees in each delivered batch.

In Italy, we most often consume espresso and its "dairy" variations. We do not avoid robusta, generally regarded as a lower quality species. Refined in blends, Arabica, it contains the most stimulating caffeine and gives beautiful crema. In the past, when the south of Italy was poor and the north was rich, cheaper robusta was consumed in the south and the further north, the smaller was the share of this species in mixtures. It can therefore be concluded that the Italians' taste of coffee with milk and cappuccino is the result of the former popularity of robusta. Two things remain unchanged - Italians still love to burn coffee "for coal" until it burns and still value the addition of milk in coffee.

Professional coffee machines, which can be found in restaurants and cafés, require regular care. So remember:
EVERY DAY... when work is finished, thoroughly clean the coffee machine.
ONCE A WEEK... clean containers for coffee beans in the grinder and make sure that holes in the coffee filter are not obstructed.
ONCE A MONTH... check the level of beans in the grinder and replace them whenever necessary.
ONCE A YEAR... call a dedicated service which will carry out a periodic inspection and replace worn-out components of the coffee machine and the grinder.

The first home coffee machine was invented by an Italian, Achille Gaggia, in 1946. Thanks to the lever which increases the pressure of hot water, you can obtain an intensive taste and crema, that is the layer of foamed essential oils extracted from ground coffee. The method of brewing espresso has not changed until today. Modern electric coffee machines pump water with optimal temperature under sufficiently high pressure. It is worth remembering that coffee for such machines should be ground a little bit more finely than sugar.


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